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Businesses Need Cash Flow, Not More Debt

Businesses need positive cash flow, not more debt. Throwing borrowed money at a business or a government increases the debt line and the viability of an insolvency, or bankruptcy. It is cash flow that both the business and the government need to continue to exist.

Businesses need to be open for business. Yes, there is a virus going around, however, there is also the flu, and a myriad of other infectious diseases that, if you do not come in contact with, you're good to go for another day to make another dollar. What I see prevalent today, however, is a lack of pure honesty in people, yes, pure honesty, that being, if you are sick, stay home, and get better. Better yet, stay home until you are healed of your disease. There is nothing wrong with staying home because you are sick.

In our "faux enlightenment age", what I term as empowered ignorance, that for the last couple of decades, our culture has been inundated with hype, positive, easy belief 'isms' that not only encourage people to go get anything they want regardless of education, experience, financial ability, or know how...just go get yours, what you deserve, and, if somebody happens to accidentally drop a Benjamin unwittingly on the sidewalk, it's yours for the taking even though they are walking right in front of you and rather than be honest, many people have been told that it is a gift from God. Empowerment hypers, Jesus called them vipers, forego any and all moral and ethical teachings such as honesty, putting in a days work, courtesy, self-control, and most any of the spiritual gifts like gentleness, kindness, and goodness.

How is it that the Smithfield pork plant in South Dakota has to close, temporarily, mind you, because 300 of its workers came down with the corona virus? Someone, or, a couple of someones, came to work sick and were simply not honest about the situation. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, and say that they were ignorant of their situation and were asymptomatic...I personally do not believe that. A reader, Philip Carey, also added a couple of valid points to this by saying "...a need to make a living and a worry that they may lose their job if they don't show up as part of the issue also. Honesty and integrity issues with the employee as well as the employer." The workers may have showed up for work just to keep their jobs, or to continue to have a positive cash flow in the home.

In any case, because of a simple lack of honesty, integrity, or knowledge, or ulterior motive, the sick ones go out into the public and make others sick because they have been told they won't matter as long as you get what you think you deserve. The people perish from a lack of knowledge. Do we understand that most, if not everything we do, affects other people, somehow, someway?

The indebted government throwing borrowed money at that is reprehensibly necessary in our current environment because it is what we do...throw money at a problem even though it most likely will not have any affect on the problem, some of the symptoms, yes, but not the problem.

What I am getting at here is an attempt to get to the root of the problem. The spread of the corona virus is a symptom, it is not the problem. The problem is honesty, or, the lack thereof. It is the lack of honesty of the Chinese municipal, regional, and overarching government. It is the lack of honesty and integrity in the media. It is the lack of honesty and integrity in our own local, state, and federal government leaders.

The lust for power drives any power hungry government leader mad with tyranny. "You will because I said so..." as the edict is pronounced. That might work in China, but not within the freedoms of the United States. Egregious overreach is a symptom of the problem of dishonesty. The imperialistic leader takes authority that he/she does not have and exudes it on the expectant subservient masses.

Be honest. Do what is right in the eyes of God, and not in your own eyes. If you're sick, stay home until you are no longer sick. If you are well, go to work, go to your business and make money to pay your debts and help others to pay their debts, and help others to be able to perform the very basics of eat, to be safe, to have a home, and to be able to care for their loved ones.

Businesses need positive cash flow to survive, not more debt. Let business people operate, and let the sick stay home. Businesses with positive cash flow pay taxes to their governments; this is not difficult to understand.

Be honest, tell the truth, if you do not know the truth, keep your mouth shut until you find the truth. Stay in your lane of expertise. No one in this country needs a tyrant, whether the tyrant lives two hundred miles away, or, even two feet away, across from the dinner table.

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