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"Little Bullies Can Become Big Jerks" Reviews

We are really proud of our latest book being recently released. Here are a few of the reviews...

“From the ‘listen more and talk less’ advice to the 12-step program for Jerks Anonymous, Terry Lursen’s most recent book offers valuable advice for anyone who has ever been a jerk (and who of us hasn’t?) or been around a jerk.” Cindy Pauley Leone, Retired Family Law Attorney

“Terry Lursen has created a brilliant understanding for us in Little Bullies Can Become Big Jerks. As a Prison Chaplain for many years, I have often met and counseled with the characters he so vividly portrays. The final chapter helps us all who need this book to grow in God in wisdom to face challenges over such people. So many times, in the reading of this book, I felt myself reliving events I had experienced with others especially in counsel with men and women incarcerated. I must also admit, even in the counsel of my own children. My prayers have begun for its great success of reaching those who need it! Chaplain John A. Phelps

“I could not put this book down. It is exactly what parents, business managers, coaches, any leader, or person with responsibility, needs today. The author discusses with clarity, insight, and testimonies of how ‘jerks’ are created, the damage they cause themselves and those around them, and how they can change and become something better…cause we all have a ‘jerk’ inside of us causing damage.

Everyone that is interested in life changing relationships should make time to read this book!”

Ben Goins, Jr., Automotive Industry Senior Manager, HBIC (Head Bully in Charge)

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