The Battle for Crested Hill

The Battle for Crested Hill

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The Battle for Crested Hill is an epic tale, an allegory, about a man who has made so many wrong decisions in his life that he has found himself on the Darkend Road. What does a person do when he finds himself in the midst of the spiritual battles that take place within most of us who are willing to admit it...the battles between the Light and the Dark?

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    The setting takes place in the Spiritual Realm where Gigot has been led to Mount Illumine to join the likes of Epaga, Lortnoc, Humilty and Suffering in order to take back all of the land that Gigot, Will and others had given up over time. The first battle takes place on the Plain of Alongore and takes the reader along with them on their journey to retake the Crested Hill.

    The forces of Darkness remain steadfast in their quest to keep what they believe is theirs. Their supreme leader, Ementior, and his liege, Ophis, the Snake King, do not have any intention on relinquishing anything, particularly to the known failure, Gigot. The battle for the Crested Hill is not left to chance in the mind of Ementior, but everything within his power is thrown at Gigot and Will to defeat them at every juncture of their journey.

    This is a battle of the mind, a battle of the will...a spiritual battle for the heart of man where men see their own personal weaknesses on the Darkend Road where Darklings dwell in shadows and the pain of a memory is sent to the no more. Yet, the Great One speaks in the still, small voice saying, "I Am here," and Gigot knows for certain that he is not alone.


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