The Dissolution of Truth: A Political and Philosophical Treatise Examining the C

The Dissolution of Truth: A Political and Philosophical Treatise Examining the C

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The Dissolution of Truth is a political and religious treatise exposing a portion of the far left ideologies of the progressive, liberal agenda. It is past time for the citizens of our nation to take a stand, to pray, and to say, "No more!" to the onslaught of thought that not only desires the minds of men and women everywhere; its desire is to replicate itself in the hearts and minds of our children. The snake is in the garden and thriving in the minds who lack knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, the person of God and the Truth of His Holy Word


    We live in an ideological age, an age where the mainstream media and the internet are used as tools to present the ideological thoughts of men and women who are out to not only control the airwaves, but to control the very mind of man.

    It is not terror that they seek, but control, unilateral and unabashed control of the political system, religious hierarchy and organizations in order to perpetuate the progressive, liberal agenda that is likened to the spirit of the grave...they always want the more.

    Their goal is not to force people to take sides, but to force a takeover of the hearts and minds of people through ideological propaganda, forced tolerance, religious and political pluralism and globalization though the use of the educational system, the manipulation of minority groups in marches, rebellion against authority leading to social unrest, violence and mayhem, and to lead the way of the wayward, the unjust ruler and the pit of antagonism against all things we have formerly known as the American way.


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